Media's Influence
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Increased Smoking Increased Sexual Activity

Exposure to Smoking in Movies Predicts Risk of Becoming an Established Smoker [1]

Smoking in Movies Leads to Smoking Among Adolescents [2]

Sex in Media Accelerates Sexual Activity [3]

Sexual Content on TV Leads Teens to Initiate Sex Sooner [4]

2hrs a Day of TV + No Parental Supervision = Increased Teen Sex  [5]

Sexual Content on TV Confusing Kids [6]

TV's Family Hour Has More Violence and Sexual Content than Ever  [7]

Exposure to Sexual Content on TV Leads to More Teen Pregnancies [8]

Degrading Sexual Lyrics May Increase Teenís Sexual Behavior [9]

Teen's Exposure to Adult-targeted TV Predicts Earlier Onset of Sex [10]


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