1. How does the promotion of a chaste lifestyle and abstinence resistance skills lower unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and disease?

    Abstinence works most effectively in accomplishing three goals: 

    • First, delaying initiation of intercourse;

    • Second, reducing the number of partners of those that were already sexually active; and

    • Third, decreasing the frequency of intercourse.

    Simply put, less sexual activity lowers the risk of pregnancy and STDs due to contraceptive and condom failure.

    Science has shown that there is only one way to prevent unplanned pregnancy and from becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection and living a chaste lifestyle.

  2. What lessons from this website should I learn before I become sexually active?


    • Go over the dangers you face in society today.

    • Determine to postpone sexual involvement.

    • Understand that abstinence until marriage is in the only certain way to not get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease.


  3. What lessons from this website should I learn if I have already been sexually active?


    • Go over the dangers you have face in society today.

    • Since there is an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, GET TESTED immediately.

    • Start living a chaste lifestyle.

    • Even if you will not postpone sexual involvement, make sure you get your partner TESTED for STDs, decrease the amount of times you have sex, and decrease the number of partners you have sex.

    Remember, contraceptives do not prevent or eliminate the risk of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. 

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