Sexually Active Teens More Likely to Engage in More Risky Acts.

 Teens Who Are Sexually Active Are More Likely to Engage in Other Risky Sexual Behaviors 

  • A recent study at The Guttmacher Institute found that teens who regularly engage in vaginal intercourse are much more likely engage in more risky sexual behaviors such as oral and anal sex, than teens who have not had vaginal intercourse. In fact, 87% of the non-virgin teenagers interviewed for the study admitted to previously having oral sex, while only 23% of adolescents interviewed, who had never had vaginal intercourse, acknowledged having oral sex. The study also found that 20% of the sexually active teens who were interviewed admitted to engaging in anal sex, while 1% of teens who labeled themselves as “virgins” admitted to having anal sex.

    While oral and anal sex carry no risk of pregnancy, engaging in oral sex and other non-vaginal sexual behaviors have been shown to increase the risk for sexually transmitted infections, and according to the study, teens are less likely to use protection during oral sex. The risk of STD’s also increase with multiple sexual partners and according to this study, 38% of adolescents who engage in vaginal and oral sex have had four or more sexual partners.

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