Summary: Post-Abortion Women Have Higher Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment Rates

An analysis of women who received funding under California's medical assistance program shows that rates of women seeking outpatient psychiatric treatment were 17% higher for women who aborted than those who carried their pregnancies to term.

  • According to an analysis of data gleaned from California's medical assistance program, women who abort are more likely to receive outpatient psychiatric treatment than those who give birth. The rates of care was 17% higher overall for women who aborted. In the first 90 days post-pregnancy, 63% more claims were made among the abortion group than the birth group. Higher rates of services were found among the abortive group at 180 days, one year, and two years as well. Aborting women had higher rates of treatment in all but the youngest and oldest age groups (13-19 years and 35-49 years). Significantly higher rates of treatment for adjustment reaction, bipolar disorder, neurotic depression, and schizophrenic disorcers were found among post-abortion women.1

1Coleman, Priscilla K., David C. Reardon, Vincent M. Rue, and Jesse Cougle. State-Funded Abortions Versus Deliveries: A Comparison of Outpatient Mental Health Claims Over 4 Years. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 2002, 72(1) 141-152.


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