Summary: Doubled Risk of Premature Birth

Studies report doubling risk of premature birth following two induced abortions, nine times risk if four or more abortions.

  • Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons study focused on the risk of early premature births (less than 32 weeks gestation) and extremely early premature births (less than 28 weeks gestation). Studies have reported a doubling of early premature birth risk from having two prior induced abortions. Women who have had four or more induced abortions experienced, on average, nine times the risk of early premature births, an increase of 800 percent. These results suggest that women contemplating an induced abortion should be informed of this potential risk to subsequent pregnancies, and that physicians should be aware of the potential liability and possible need for intensified prenatal care.1

    Induced Abortion and Risk of Later Premature Births, Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Vol. 8 No. 2, Summer 2003, p. 46.


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