Summary: Abortion Leads to Various Mental Health Problems in Women.

Abortion has been attributed to anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, suicidal behavior, and other mental health problems.

  • According to a recent article featured in the British Journal of Psychiatry, a landmark investigative summary has been released in which 22 studies relating to abortion and mental health were explored. These studies examined 877,181 women from six different countries. A total of 163,831(19%) of these women had undergone at least one abortion in their lifetime. The authors of the summary found that women in the study who had previously had an abortion had a reported 81% higher risk of subsequent mental health problems . Furthermore, the study found that these women also had a 34% higher risk of anxiety, a 37% higher risk of depression, a 110% higher risk of alcohol abuse, a 220% higher risk of marijuana abuse, and a 155% higher risk of suicidal behavior. When the same group of women was compared to women in the study who had full-term pregnancies, the women with a previous abortion had a reported 55% increased risk of experiencing various mental health problems at some point in their lifetime. The results of these studies show an overwhelming need for women to be given all the adverse facts about the impact of abortion when they are considering the procedure in order to help protect them from the very realistic and negative results of abortion.1

    1Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis of research published 1995-2009, The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2011, pp. 180-186.






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